Microcomputers and Consoles

The Micro Museum

These pages are just placeholders for now until I can properly document them

Amiga 6002019-04-02Working
Microsoft XBox 360???Working
Microsoft XBox Series X2021-10-28Working New or Like New
Microsoft XBox???Working
Nintendo Switch2021-10-06Working New or Like New
Nintendo DS???Working
Nintendo 3DS???Working
Raspberry Pi 3: Model B???Working
Raspberry Pi Zero W???Working
Raspberry Pi: Model B???Working
Sega Dreamcast2008-03-25Working
Sega Master System2015-03-25Working
Sega Mega Drive2017-08-02Working
Sony Playstation (SCPH-7502)2024-03-31Untested
Sony Playstation 2 (SCPH-50003 Silver)2001Working
Steam Deck2021-08-12Working New or Like New

Still to get

Amiga 1200
Nintendo SNES
Sega Saturn
Sega CD Add-on
Sony Playstation 3 (Early model)