Everything listed here I have genuine physical media (and license if applicable) for and are in their original boxes unless stated.


NameYearManual PresentDisk ConditionPlatform
Deluxe Linux OS 6.5 (Mandrake)1999WorkingNew or Like NewPC
Internet Explorer 4 with SP1WorkingPC
LocoscriptWorkingNot WorkingXT/AT
Locoscript 2 (Disk Only)WorkingPC/DOS
Locoscript PC 1.62New or Like NewPC/DOS
Mandrake Linux PowerPack 9.2WorkingNew or Like NewPC
Programmers Development Kit for LinuxWorkingNew or Like New SealedPC
Red Hat Linux 8.0WorkingNew or Like New SealedPC
Windows 2000 Professional2000WorkingNew or Like New SealedPC
Windows 7 Professional SP1 64-Bit2009New or Like NewPC
Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64-Bit2009New or Like NewPC
MS-DOS 61992WorkingWorking SealedPC
Windows 3.11 - Floppy Disk Edition1992WorkingWorking SealedPC
Windows 95 - Floppy Disk Edition1995WorkingWorkingPC
Windows 95 - CD-ROM Edition1995New or Like New SealedPC
Windows 98 Second EditionWorkingPC
Windows 98 Upgrade1998WorkingNew or Like New SealedPC
Windows 98 Upgrade1998WorkingNew or Like New SealedPC
Windows XP Home Edition SP22001WorkingPC
Windows XP Professional2001WorkingNew or Like New SealedPC
Windows XP Professional x64 Edition2004New or Like NewPC


Atomic Bomberman1997WorkingPC
Baldur's Gate1998WorkingPC
Chess MatesNew or Like NewPC
Colin McRae Rally1998WorkingPC
Command And Conquer1995WorkingPC
Command And Conquer: Generals2003WorkingPC
Command And Conquer: Generals Deluxe Edition2003New or Like New SealedPC
Command And Conquer: Red Alert1996WorkingPC
Command And Conquer: Remastered Collection Box2020New or Like New SealedPC
Command And Conquer: The First Decade2006WorkingPC
Command And Conquer: Tiberian Sun1999WorkingPC
Command And Conquer: Tiberian Sun, Firestorm2000WorkingPC
Command And Conquer: Wide Box + Covert Missions1996WorkingPC
Diablo II2000WorkingPC
Dungeon Keeper1997WorkingPC
Half Life: Generation1999WorkingPC
Quake II1997WorkingPC
Quake III: Arena1999WorkingPC
Renegard RacersNew or Like NewPC
Rollercoaster Tycoon1999WorkingPC
Sim City 2000: SE1993WorkingPC
TankticsNew or Like NewPC
The Settlers II1996WorkingPC
The Sims2000WorkingPC
TOCA Touring Car Championship1999WorkingPC
Transport Tycoon Deluxe1995WorkingPC
Unreal (Totally)2001WorkingPC
Unreal Tournament1999WorkingPC
Unreal Tournament 20042004WorkingPC
Virtual PoolNew or Like NewPC
Warcraft II Deluxe (Tides of Darkness)WorkingPC
Warzone 21001999WorkingPC
Warzone 2100: Premier Collection1999WorkingPC
World of Warcraft: Battle chest2007WorkingPC
World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King2008New or Like New SealedPC
Worms 2WorkingPC
Worms United and ReinforcementsNew or Like NewPC